At Oils For Humanity™ we're committed to helping ourselves and others to feel at Home in the world – both in our personal space as well as in the greater world community.  

We all want to know we’re loved, we’re safe, and that we belong. We have a deep desire to be part of something greater than ourselves, so that we know we're fulfilling our specific purpose here in the world.  

We achieve this in small steps, by making aligned decisions in each aspect of our lives. We're beginning to see this dynamic surround us as people make more and more decisions based on serving the greater good, sustainability, charity and much more.

Gone are the days of blindly following the crowd, because we've learned that it does not always end up creating health, wholeness and happiness. In actuality, each one of us deserves all of these, all the time. 

At Oils For Humanity™ we're inviting you to make an aligned decision in how you care for your mind and your body, and we have just the ticket for you to succeed beyond your expectations. 

Oils For Humanity

Pure essential oils are gifts from the earth designed to heal us. When oils are sourced from indigenous plants around the world and infused with the goodwill and the marvelous humanitarian heart of the company who produces them, there's no more powerful combination in healing your person at the deepest level.

At Oils For Humanity™ we embrace the AAA approach, which is…

Access  good feelings

Allow  the earth to heal us

Align with a company who shares our values in creating a planet that is Home to everyone, with no exceptions. 

Let’s look at this more deeply to understand how essential oils are perfectly suited to our intentions here.


At the heart of aromatherapy is the ability of aromatic compounds to elicit feelings and thereby create “state shifts.” The way it works is that the olfactory nerve in the nose is linked directly to the centers of the brain responsible for both emotion and association. Therefore, we can utilize the aromatic compounds in essential oils in order to feel the way we want to feel in any given instance. And when we feel the way we want to feel, we can be who we want to be in the world.  


Humanity is in a time of transition, and we need the most powerful of forces working in our favor in order to shift from a state of suffering to a state of health. Plant life has been placed here for precisely this purpose, and essential oils are highly potent distillations of the plants themselves. The design of life is that the plants “call us in” aromatically so that we can interact with them and experience the profound therapeutic benefits they are here to share with us.


Our bodies are very discerning, and they recognize congruence. They know when we’re living in line with our best intentions and our highest callings. They know when we’re being true to ourselves. When we are, we experience good health. When we have missions and causes that inspire and drive us in our lives, then it’s imperative that we align ourselves with others who share the same values so that we we can be part of the solution. We always achieve this by connecting with the greater community.   

So, who is that greater community we’ve chosen to

align with in this instance?

It's doTERRA. 

There are lots of reasons why doTERRA has become such a big deal, and most of them have nothing to do with clever marketing or savvy slogans. It's the heart and soul of the company that we're drawn to.  

You see, there are some things that transcend words and images, and one of them is a sense of basic goodness - something that doTERRA exhibits unceasingly.  

Check out this short video about doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing and the ways in which it uplifts communities around the world.

The Power Of Essential Oils


doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing

Home Essentials Kit

doTERRA's Top 10 Oils

Do you want to know the real value of the Home Essentials kit in your life? Do you like to know the science behind natural remedies? Then you’ll appreciate this presentation by Dr. Brannick Riggs, a family physician who sits on doTERRA’s Medical Advisory Board. In it he answers the following questions, with no frills, just the facts:

• What are essential oils?

• How are they produced?  

• How do they work?  

• How can you master the use of each oil in the Home Essentials Kit in your daily life?  




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